Connection Verification Tool

Use the Connection Verification Tool to verify that all required ports are open and connectivity...

 Enabling Debug Logging

See Acronis KB Article 57128: "Enabling Debug Logging"

 OS X Services and Processes

See Acronis KB Article 58357: "OS X Services and Processes"

 Troubleshooting Application Malfunction or Files Corruption after Recovery

In case of application malfunction or file corruption after a recovery action, please refer to...

 Troubleshooting HDD Detection Issues

See Acronis KB Article 54554: "Troubleshooting HDD Detection Issues"

 Troubleshooting Issues with Corrupt Backups

See Acronis KB Article 1517: "Troubleshooting Issues with Corrupt Backups"

 Troubleshooting Synchronization Issues between Agents and Management Server

See Acronis KB Article 59057: "Troubleshooting Synchronization Issues between Agents and...

 Virtual machine backup troubleshooting guide

When troubleshooting issues with backing up virtual machines, it may be useful to consult the...