HOW TO: "Update SnapAPI Module in Linux"


The SnapAPI module is in charge of all I/O operations on the hard disk of Acronis software. Below is the description of how to update the SnapAPI module in Linux.


To update the SnapAPI module in Linux, do the following:

  1. Open terminal (console);
  2. Stop Acronis processes:# /etc/init.d/acronis_mms stop
  3. Remove SnapAPI module from the kernel:# rmmod snapapi26
  4. Check SnapAPI version in the dkms tree:# dkms status

    => check for the "snapapi" entry similar to:

    snapapi26, 0.7.51, 2.6.31-gentoo-r6, x86_64: installed

    (0.7.51 is the version of the SnapAPI module in this example)

  5. Remove SnapAPI from the dkms tree using the respective version:# dkms remove -m snapapi26 -v [VERSION] --all

    where [VERSION] is the version of SnapAPI found out in step 4., e.g.: # dkms remove -m snapapi26 -v 0.7.51 --all

    # rm -rf /usr/src/snapapi*

  6. Install new SnapAPI from rpm package# rpm -Uhv snapapi26_modules-[VERSION]-1.noarch.rpm --nodeps
  7. Add tarball to the dkms tree:# dkms ldtarball /usr/lib/Acronis/kernel_modules/snapapi26-[VERSION]-all.tar.gz
  8. Build and install SnapAPI module:# dkms build -m snapapi26 -v [VERSION]
    # dkms install -m snapapi26 -v [VERSION]

Additional reference: Acronis KB Article 41283: "Updating SnapAPI Module in Linux"

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